MADE51 debuts in Japan at Interior Lifestyle

Press statement on MADE51 debut in Japan from 17-19 July, 2019 at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo.

UNHCR Japan Press Release (Japanese)

Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2019 Press Release (Japanese)

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Gugu Mbatha-Raw meets refugee artisans

UNHCR High Profile Supporter and British Hollywood actress, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, made a trip to Rwanda to meet Burundian refugees and learn more about one of the world's forgotten refugee crises. While there, she met inspiring MADE51 artisans.

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Q&A with MADE51

MADE51 provides refugee artisans with a means to market their crafts worldwide. By collaborating with a global network of social enterprises, not only does MADE51 provide refugees around the world with a sustainable livelihood, but it also helps keep traditional craftsmanship alive. We caught up with Heidi Christ, MADE51’s Global Manager, to gain greater insight into the inner workings of the organisation.

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Camp Profile: Azraq, Jordan

Many visitors see Azraq as a remote outpost in an inhospitable landscape, but for 50,000 Syrians, the camp offers them an escape from the violence and a place they can call home. And, if one looks closely enough and with a bit of imagination, signs of hope and potential are everywhere.

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Photo Feature: Indego Africa

Since September 2016, Indego Africa has been MADE51’s partner in Rwanda. With vocational and business training from Indego Africa, the refugee women are now crafting woven products that are exported to the USA. The work secures the women sustainable income, which will eventually enable them to live productive lives outside of the refugee camp with their families.


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Ambiente Trade Show

From 9-13 February 2018, for the first time ever, a collection of refugee-made products were on display at Ambiente Trade Show, the world's largest consumer goods show, through MADE51, UNHCR’s new collaborative initiative to offer market access to refugee artisans.

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