The Made51 Model

Social Enterprise Engagement

Experienced, social enterprises are selected to work locally with refugee artisans. They manage orders, production and logistics for refugee-made product lines. In exchange, they receive support to sustainably incorporate this line into their operations. MADE51 stimulates local economies.

Technical Experience

MADE51 is designed to be a joint effort; the technical expertise of key industry leaders is essential for MADE51 to be a success. UNHCR is seeking Strategic Partners to complete MADE51. Private sector companies and development actors are expected contributors.

Business Toolkit

The toolkit, coupled with customized business development coaching, gives enterprises the acumen and resources they need to effectively set up and manage their MADE51 product line. Introducing standardized business practices protects refugee artisans and the supporting social enterprises.

Fresh Product Design

Designers participate as members of the MADE51 design team to build a strong and exciting collection. MADE51 design incorporate long-term design trends while introducing patterns, motives, and techniques relevant to refugees’ culture. The opportunities to merge contemporary design with time-honored techniques are endless.

Integrated Technology

Refugee artisans face numerous hurdles in trying to supply distant customers, which can seem insurmountable. Introducing technology offers a multitude of solutions. Apps can be built to track efficient production and tablets can help artisans manage orders and control quality. Remote locations can benefit from e-learning.

Innovation Market Platform

MADE51 introduces buyers to a global collection of refugee artisanal products. Through MADE51, the global collection is branded, launched, and managed. It links makers to markets. MADE51 aims for consistent orders based on fair terms while also embracing opportunities to create special collections.

Ethical Compliance

UNHCR conducts an assessment to certify that its local social enterprise partner abides by fair workplace practices, as defined by UNHCR Protection principles and Fair Trade standards. UNHCR continues to monitor workplace practices and measure impact so that the wellbeing of refugee artisans can be ensured.



Rather than viewing Millions of refugees across the globe as a burden, MADE51 sees untapped talent and potential that, if unlocked, can directly benefit displaced women, men, and children, as well as host communities and local businesses.