Call for Buyers

Partnering with buyers and retail brands is crucial to the success of MADE51. As orders are filled, refugees utilize their heritage, earn income and learn new skills.

By sourcing through MADE51, buyers: 

  • Gain access to a curated global connection of unique, handmade products, sourced from unusual locations

  • Order market-ready products or co-create collections that align with their brand and design concept

  • Place orders with vetted Local Social Enterprises that have experience exporting and managing customer relationships

  • Communicate their ethical sourcing and humanitarian support as part of their brand identity

By including the MADE51 collection in their sourcing plans, retailers and brands have a vital role in helping refugees to achieve self-reliance. Retailers and brands can be part of the solution to this global crisis.

If you would like to know more about sourcing MADE51, please get in touch with us!